Your bed is probably the most important piece of furniture you will buy. Remember, a great bed will comfort you after a hard day today, and it prepares you for another one tomorrow.

Over the decades that Avebury have been making beds we have learnt a thing or two. To us it’s a bit like baking. You need to know what to add, what to leave out and understand how it all comes together. Our skilled craftsmen know how to blend the ingredients to deliver the best result and, like a great cake, you will know it’s right once you try it. Take the fillings for example (in the bed, not the cake), quality beds like ours feature fantastic fillings, such as cashmere, silk and wool. We’ve found the perfect balance between springs and fillings to deliver the comfort you need while keeping the weight of the mattress as easily manageable as possible.

At the heart of every Avebury mattress is the pocket spring. Each spring sits in its own individual fabric pocket and works completely independently of every other spring, giving you total support. And in the Avebury collection we’ve achieved some truly impressive spring counts – up to 16,000 in our top model.

This collection is the most comfortable we have ever produced, but we also wanted the beds to be a feast for the eyes. Our stunning range of headboards and bases cover the whole spectrum of tastes. The hand side-stitching, vents and hand tufting on the mattresses have practical advantages, but they are also the hallmark of a quality mattress. Only when we have achieved the perfect mattress will we embroider our name on all four of our flag-stitched handles. You might say it’s the icing on the cake!

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